Twin Ion Engine [T.I.E.] Fighters

The TIE fighter is the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet. Carried aboard Star Destroyers and battle stations, TIE fighters are single-pilot vehicles designed for fast-paced dogfights with Rebel X-wing Fighters and other starships. The terrifying roar of a TIE's engines strikes fear into the hearts of all enemies of the Galactic Empire. The mass-produced TIE fighters rely on their speed and greater numbers to overwhelm enemy forces.

Main TIE Fighter Graphic

TIE Fighter Design

The TIE fighter, which utilizes advanced Twin Ion Engines, was designed primarily for speed. In order to decrease the vehicle’s weight, it has not been equipped with life-support systems, deflector shields, or hyperdrive engines.

TIE Pilots

They represented the elite of the Imperial Navy, having undergone grueling psychological and physical training to achieve their ranks. An elite corps, only 10 percent of TIE pilots successfully navigated the intense training and testing of the Imperial Navy.

TIE Variants

Like all TIE starfighters, the TIE interceptor is based upon the earlier TIE/In fighter. The interceptor has a standard TIE cockpit, solar-array wings, and twin ion engines. However, the interceptor’s wings have a distinctive "dagger" shape.

Ships and Bases

The mammoth Star Destroyers form the core of the Imperial Navy. Armed to excess, they are 1,600 meters long and they bristle with ion cannons and turbolasers. Two giant deflector shield generators atop the bridge protect the ship, along with seventy-two TIE fighters.

TIE Missions

TIE Fighters serve a variety of combat roles. They are employed to escort fleets, are frequently assigned to convoy duty, provide planetary and warship defence, patrol disputed space, support ground troops, and conduct hunter/destroyer missions.

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